Trace Heating – Part of our Integrated Industrial Insulation Services

Polestar Services provide a complete service for industrial thermal insulation projects, providing complete tailor made solutions to meet our clients individual requirements.

For many of our clients trace heating is an important aspect of the project. 

About Trace Heating

Trace heating or surface heating is used when the temperature of pipes or vessels must be maintained at or above a certain level. To achieve this an electrical heating element is run in physical contact with the length of the pipe prior to  the pipe being covered in thermal insulation to retain the heat. Trace heating may be used to protect pipes from freezing, to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems, or to maintain process temperatures for piping that must transport substances that solidify at ambient temperatures. 

The combination of trace heating and the correct thermal insulation for the operating ambient temperature maintains a thermal balance where the heat output from the trace heating matches the heat loss from the pipe.

  • Our Thermal Insulation Engineers have up to 46 years trade experience.
  • We are committed to lowering energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint for all our clients and contracts.
  • We can work to the following British standards BS 5422-2001 / M & E No 3 / M & E No 100.
  • We insulate all types of high and low temperature pipe work / valves & flanges / vessels / plant & equipment / air conditioning  systems / plant rooms and boiler houses.
  • We use all types of materials, mineral wool / phenolic foam / armaflex rubber / calcium silicate / foamglas / ceramic fibre / acoustic and fire protection materials.
  • Internal finishes, aluminium foil / isogenopak / metal cladding / calico cloth / glass cloth / various sealants and coatings.
  • External finishes, p.i.b. rubber / venture clad / various types of metal cladding / mastic and coatings / electric trace heating.
  • We offer a service for energy conservation within boiler houses and plant rooms for quality made to measure insulated glass cloth covers for valves / flanges / plant and equipment.
  • We have our own in house workshop for the fabrication and manufacture of all types of metal cladding, aluminium / aluzinc / plastisol / galvanised, for pipework / vessels / valve and flange boxes / plant and equipment.